Buying DVC

Contemporary ResortBuying DVC: If you’ve decided to buy into the Disney Vacation Club and become a member, this section of is for you.

It’s also for DVC Members considering adding on more points.

Buying DVC
Introduction to DVC - An introduction and primer on what the Disney Vacation Club is all about.
Does buying DVC make sense? - Since most people consider purchasing DVC a large investment, time should be spent before making such a big decision evaluating the pros and cons, the costs and benefits. The initial cost of joining DVC is significant. So, is it worth it?
Should I buy direct from DVC or buy resale? - Most people who first hear about DVC hear directly from Disney, and may not even be aware that there is an active resale market where DVC contracts may be purchased - just like you can purchase a new or used home.
Choosing your home resort: what to consider? - One of the first decisions a prospective Disney Vacation Club member has to make, after deciding to buy into DVC, is which resort they should purchase and make their home resort.
Why buy DVC if I can keep on renting points? - So, you’ve been renting DVC points and getting a great discount off the cost of booking a reservation with Disney. Should you consider buying DVC now that you’ve discovered you enjoy staying at a DVC resort?
Adding on points and owning at more than one home resort - Considering adding on more DVC points? What should you consideration? Why would you own at more than one home resort?
Purchasing a Guaranteed Week? - This option may sound the same as a traditional fixed week timeshare – but it’s not.
Understanding Your Use Year - What is a Use Year? How does it relate to when I can make a reservation? Why does it matter which one I have?
A financial analysis of buying DVC - a detailed financial analysis of buying DVC, factoring in the time value of money and opportunity cost.
Choices in deeding your DVC purchase - If you’re getting ready to close on a DVC purchase, please be aware that your decision on how to deed your real estate interest might affect your rights and/or tax liability depending on if you live in a community property state, or an equitable distribution state.