Disney Vacation Club discounts / DVC perks

What about the “perks” – referred to by DVC as “Membership Extras”?

Well, the most important thing to keep in mind is that these “perks” are not guaranteed entitlements (they are not a component of DVC ownership) and they are often removed, modified, or added as decided by DVC. Many are negotiated with other Disney divisions, stores, restaurants, and Parks. Some have no cost to DVC Members as they are considered incentives provided by the developer (DVD), while others do come with a cost to those who choose to take advantage of the offering.

In fact, effective April 4, 2016, Members who do not purchase their ownership interest directly from Disney Vacation Development will not have access to the incidental benefits (Membership Extras), including discounts on dining, shopping, annual passes, and access to member-exclusive events. Those considering a new purchase will need to decide if the value of these “Extras” is worth the likely additional expense of a direct purchase over a resale purchase.

In order to get the perks, you need to have purchased direct from Disney if you purchase after April 3, 2016. If you purchased resale prior to that date, you still get most of the perks.

MembershipMagicLogoDVC offers discounts on dining, shopping, recreation, spa services, tours, annual passes and more. To see an example of the perks available to DVC members at Walt Disney World, click here.

Another benefit for Disney Vacation Club members is the ability to “pool hop” at the various resort hotels at Walt Disney World.

While perks come and go, here are some examples for Walt Disney World:

  • 10-20% discounts at certain restaurants (off the regular price of food and non-alcoholic beverages)
  • 10% discount at all Disney-owned merchandise locations
  • 15% off Marina rentals
  • 15% off theme park tours
  • $100 off the price of a new Platinum Annual Pass

Block-out dates apply for many offers.

Just keep in mind that these perks are incidental to our DVC membership. That is, these incidental benefits of membership may be modified or terminated at any time by DVC. The continued availability of these discount programs is not guaranteed.

For more information, read this.

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