DVC History

The History of the Disney Vacation Club
The History of the Disney Vacation Club

This is the history of the Disney Vacation Club – the most thorough and extensive DVC history I am aware of.

I always wondered why there wasn’t a good history of the Disney Vacation Club. Yes, there are good tidbits of DVC history scattered around the web – but not consolidated in one place. So, I always wanted to publish something covering the history of DVC.

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Jan 1990The Disney Decade: Disney reveals that it plans to enter the timeshare industry
Nov 1990Site work has begun on the first time-share units at Walt Disney World
Jan 1991Disney has taken construction bids for the first 190 villas at Disney Vacation Club; the entertainment giant's foray into the time-share business
The original 3-mountain DVC logo
May 1991Disney's initial plans for the Disney Vacation Club resort
Jun 1991DVC Preview Center under construction
Sep 1991Memberships for the Disney Vacation Club go on sale today. Owners will receive free admission to the Magic Kingdom; Epcot Center and the Disney-MGM Studio Tour until Dec. 31 1999.
Disney issues press release
Oct 1991DVC Preview Center opens - Press takes notice
Where the Magic Never Ends brochure
Dec 1991The Disney Vacation Club Resort opens
Jan 1992Disney files declaration of condominium
Sep 1992Boardwalk plans stalled
Oct 1992Disney Vacation Club West
Feb 1993First year sales of $50 million dollars
Mar 1993News that Disney is buying 70 acres of oceanfront property near Vero Beach
May 1993Disney files master plan and holds community meeting in Vero Beach
Aug 1993Plans for Boardwalk resort
Sep 1993Disney plans Hilton Head Island resort
Nov 1993A small community of affluent homeowners successfully stops a plan by the Disney Vacation Club to build 68 beachfront villas in Hilton Head; S.C. - a key component of Disney's new resort. Around 100 units will still be built on an island.
Mar 1994DVC announces a Newport Coast project in Southern California
Jul 1994Groundbreaking ceremony for Vero Beach Resort
Nov 1994Disney Marketing and Development Plans
Dec 1994Groundbreaking ceremony for Hilton Head Island resort
Feb 1995Disney reveals details surrounding Southern California DVC
Early promotional materials
Boardwalk resort under construction
Sep 1995Disney files declaration of condominium for Vero Beach
Disney files declaration of condominium for Hilton Head Island
Disney Magazine publishes article on the Boardwalk construction
DVC Logo revised - one mountain disappears
Oct 1995Vero Beach Resort opens - the first expansion of the Disney Vacation Club
Jan 1996Disney Vacation Club resort renamed to Old Key West
Mar 1996Hilton Head Island opens and becomes the 3rd DVC resort
Jun 1996Disney files declaration of condominium for Boardwalk Villas
Jul 1996BoardWalk Villas opens and becomes the 4th DVC resort
Feb 1997DVC announces they are cancelling the Newport Coast project
DVC now marketing four resorts: "Creating Magical Memories"
Aug 1998DVC announces plans for small expansion at Old Key West after tearing down the sales center (Commodore House)
DVC announces plans to build a resort on 4 acres of land next to the Wilderness Lodge
Jan 1999Disney files plans for Villas at the Wilderness Lodge
Apr 1999DVC breaks ground on the Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge
May 2000DVC announces plans to build a 205-unit resort called Beach Club Villas
Sep 2000Disney files declaration of condominium for Villas at the Wilderness Lodge
Nov 2000Villas at the Wilderness Lodge opens and becomes the 5th DVC resort
Jul 2001DVC announces their plans to build their 7th resort - the largest to date with 600 units - on a 61-acre site along the award-winning Disney's Eagle Pines Golf Course; with an estimated opening date in 2004.
Dec 2001DVC celebrates its 10th anniversary
Jan 2002DVC announces plan to develop a resort on the site of the Disney Institute
Feb 2002Sales begin for Beach Club Villas
Jul 2002Beach Club Villas opens and becomes the 6th DVC resort
Sep 2002DVC announces plans to build Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
A look back at how Saratoga Springs Resort came to be
Aug 2003Saratoga Springs Resort sales begin
Nov 2003Jim Lewis now heads Disney Vacation Development
May 2004Phase 1 of Saratoga Springs Resort opens with 184 units and becomes the 7th DVC resort. DVC announces plans to expand the resort by another 644 units by 2007.
Satellite view of Saratoga Springs Resort history
Oct 2006DVC announces Animal Kingdom Villas
Jan 2007Disney starts demolition of the 3-story garden wing building north of the main A-frame building
Jul 2007Animal Kingdom Villas (Jambo) opens and becomes the 8th DVC resort
Aug 2007Disney offers 15-year extension of Old Key West
Sep 2007DVC announces Villas at the Grand Californian at Disneyland
Oct 2007DVC announces Hawaiian resort at Ko Olina on Oahu
Nov 2007Vacation Magic becomes Disney Files
Disney files plans for Treehouse Villas Rehab
Disney files plans for Kingdom Tower next to the Contemporary resort
Jan 2008The new tower being built next to the Contemporary is rumored to be DVC based on building-permit applications filed with Reedy Creek Improvement District
Feb 2008South Florida Water Management District approves Disney's plans to replace the Tree Houses. DVC rumors begin.
Disney receives approval to start selling the unannounced "Kingdom Tower" DVC resort next to the Contemporary
A look back at the site for Bay Lake Tower
May 2008Internet service is now free for DVC members
Jun 2008Changes made to book 11/7 months of check-in date rather than departure date
Sep 2008DVC formally announces Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary and Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs Resort
Nov 2008Groundbreaking ceremony at Ko Olina; Oahu resort
Dec 2008Disney files paperwork for Villas at the Grand Californian
Jan 2009DVC reallocates points charts
Feb 2009On-line resort check-in launches at Walt Disney World for DVC members
Mar 2009Sale of Villas at the Grand Californian begins to the public
May 2009Kidani Village as an expansion of Animal Kingdom Villas
Disney purchases land at Maryland's National Harbor for a possible resort. DVC rumors fly.
Jun 2009Treehouse Villas open as part of Saratoga Springs Resort
Disney provides ability to book Walt Disney World ADR's online
Aug 2009Bay Lake Tower opens and becomes the 9th DVC resort
Sep 2009Villas at the Grand Californian opens and becomes the 10th DVC resort
Jan 2010The Hawaiian resort is named "Aulani: A Disney Resort & Spa, Ko Olina, Hawaii"
Jun 2010DVC announces it will now, for the first time, sell fixed weeks
Jul 2010Sales begin for Aulani
A look back at Aulani construction
Jan 2011DVC announces it will impose new restrictions on buyers who purchase their time shares from existing owners - rather than directly from Disney.
Remember Deevy See?
Mar 2011Disney files plans for a DVC resort at the Grand Floridian
A satellite view of Villas at the Grand Floridian history
Jun 2011DVC announces new logo
Jul 2011DVC suspends sales of points for Aulani after discovering annual dues calculation errors
Aug 2011Financial issues surrounding Aulani prompts DVC to fire three executives; including the president of DVC - Jim Lewis. Claire Bilby will take over as DVC president.
Aulani opens and becomes the 11th DVC resort
Sep 2011Annual dues for Aulani increased 33% and sales resume
Disney files plans for a Fort Wilderness DVC
Nov 2011Disney's plans to build a resort in Maryland's National Harbor are reported to be cancelled
Dec 2011Disney officially announces the DVC resort at the Grand Floridian
DVC celebrates its 20th anniversary
Jan 2012Online booking of DVC reservations is introduced
Jul 2012Aulani expansion plans announced
Jan 2013Claire Bilby announces she will step down and Ken Potrock will lead DVC
May 2013Villas at the Grand Floridian sales commence
Jun 2013Permits and plans filed for Polynesian bungalows with the South Florida Water Management District
Sep 2013DVC officially announces the Polynesian DVC
Oct 2013Aulani expansion is completed
Villas at the Grand Floridian opens and becomes the 12th DVC resort
Jan 2014Plans for a DVC resort at Fort Wilderness from 2011 are published
Dec 2014DVC releases more information regarding the Polynesian; including concept art of bungalows and studios
Jan 2015Polynesian Villas & Bungalows sales begin to existing members
Apr 2015Polynesian Villas & Bungalows opens and becomes the 13th DVC resort
May 2015Permits and plans for cabins at the Wilderness Lodge filed with the South Florida Water Management District
Sep 2015DVC confirms that it will open new units; including waterfront cabins; at Disney's Wilderness Lodge - which will be the 14th DVC development and the second at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.
Jan 2016DVC announces special events for the 25th anniversary of DVC
Apr 2016DVC announces loss of benefits to resale buyers
May 2016DVC announces name for Wilderness Lodge DVC expansion
June 2016DVC looks back 25 years
June 2016DVC Member Lounge opens at Epcot
Rumors surface that the next DVC will be at the Caribbean Beach Resort
June 2016Copper Creek model room construction at SSR
Jan 2017Caribbean Beach Rumors Persist
Feb 2017Copper Creek Declaration
Mar 2017Copper Creek Details Released
DVC Announces the Start of Sales for Copper Creek
The FutureThe Future of DVC