Booking DVC Reservations

Booking DVC
How difficult is it to book a reservation? - How hard will it be for me to book "xyz" resort? Find out about peak DVC usage times and hard to get reservations. Good summary of resort availability rules of thumb.
Why are you not able to book with points when there is availability to book with cash? - Why is there no availability when booking a DVC resort through DVC, but there is availability for everyone else on the WDW web site? Is Disney unfairly holding back rooms to rent via cash? Why can't I book a DVC room that is clearly available - using my points?
Wait Listing a Resort - If there is no availability when you try to book, you can go on the wait list. We explain how it works.
How to make a room request - How to communicate room requests for DVC reservations.
Split Stays - A split stay is any stay that involves checking out of your room and checking back into a different room during your trip – whether that room is at a different resort or not. A split stay may involve moving resorts, changing room sizes or just changing the view. What do you need to be aware of?
Walking a reservation - DVC allows members to add and remove days from an existing reservation. While this provides great flexibility to members if their plans change, it also creates opportunities to potentially “manipulate” the system.

Booking outside of DVC

Booking outside DVC
Should a Member Use Points to Pay for non-DVC options? - The answer is, it depends on how you value your points.
Exchanging your DVC for another timeshare via RCI - Disney Vacation Club has a multi-year affiliation agreement with RCI that offers it’s members access to thousands of RCI affiliated timeshare properties across the globe.