Disney Vacation Club Cost

How MuchHow much does DVC cost? 

When you buy into the Disney Vacation Club, you purchase an ownership interest by buying a specific number of “vacation points.” Today, the cost per point when buying direct from Disney is around $176 per point, but will vary depending on the resort you are buying. Points are also available on the resale market, a point we will touch on in just a bit.

Disney usually requires new member to buy a minimum of 100 points, so assuming $176/pt, that’s $17,600. Disney may offer incentives that will lower the per- point cost, and the price may be even cheaper if you buy points through a reseller, but you’re still looking at an investment running into five figures.

If you buy through Disney, you will need to make a down payment of at least 10% or 20%, depending on the financing plan you use. To give you a ballpark idea of the cost of financing through Disney, the annual percentage rate for paying over 10 years is between 9% and 17.5%, depending on the applicant’s credit score. There are also closing costs to consider.

Current Price Per Point for all DVC resorts
Current Price Per Point for all DVC resorts (click for larger image)

When you finance through Disney, your purchase of an ownership interest is real estate for tax-reporting purposes. You will receive a 1099 statement at the end of the year, and the interest you pay may be deductible on federal taxes.

For reference, below is a history of DVC sales price per point since 1991:


In addition to the purchase price, Members pay the following: closing costs (the cost of recording the deed, a document preparation fee, any conveyance tax due on the deed, the premium cost for an owner’s policy of title insurance and all escrow fees), financing costs (if the purchase is financed), annual dues (including real estate taxes), and exchange fees (if and when a Member elects to participate in external exchanges).

The purchase price and these other costs are not, of course, inclusive of all aspects of your vacation-related expenses, and you should anticipate certain other expenses in connection with your vacation at a DVC Resort (such as travel expenses). In addition, there may be certain costs associated with your visit at a particular DVC Resort for amenities that are not included in the Club including, for example, theme park/water park admission, restaurant bills, food and beverages, transportation, recreation expenses (e.g., bicycle or boat rental, golf fees, snorkeling, beach furniture rentals, etc.) event fees, spa fees, etc.

DVC membership only covers the cost of the room.

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