How to make a DVC Room Request

DVC Room Request: “Location, Location, Location” is a familiar phrase real estate agents use when buying a house, but it also applies to your room at a DVC resort. The room you are assigned can have a positive or negative impact on your Disney vacation.

When booking a resort you can request a specific location. This can be an area, a specific building, or even a specific room. Please do note that while Disney will do their best to honor all requests, they are not guaranteed.

What should you consider when when choosing?

  • Near to lobby and restaurants
  • Upper or Lower floor
  • Close to a particular pool
  • Close to a bus stop
  • A quieter area

How do you make a room request?

How to make a DVC Room Request
How to make a DVC Room Request (click for larger)

People used to commonly fax room requests directly to a resort, and people say it can still be used successfully. Some still try calling the resort within 10 days prior to check-in, but you’re talking to a call center and not to the resort, so I’m not sure if this practice is effective.

It is generally best if you make a room request that is a general description that emphasize what’s important to you, as it is more likely to be granted rather than a specific room number request. This way, the cast member assigning your room will know why you wanted the room as opposed to just a specific number.

Reservations are sent to the resorts about 4-5 days beforehand when a room assigner goes through all of them and starts to assign rooms.

I’ve been told the room assignment process is very intricate.

Here is a room assigner in action, practicing the art of room assignment:

DVC Room Request
And the next member gets room number…