DVC Waitlist

DVC Waitlist: When using the online booking tool on DVCMember.com, and you search for the resort you want and specify your desired dates, room type and the number in your party, there may be no availability. However, there is an option to choose “Wait List This Entire Stay.” This places you on the waitlist.

Once you do have a waitlist, you can use the Waitlist Manager feature on DVCMember.com to check the status of a waitlist request, modify its expiration date or cancel it.

If your wait listed resort becomes available, your wait list request will be confirmed automatically and a confirmation will be sent to you. In the past, the internal process used by DVCMC to check cancellations against the waitlist was very manual and didn’t run immediately, so people calling MS might pickup a room due to a cancellation before someone on the waitlist could. Over time, the process occurred more frequently than before, with anecdotal evidence suggesting a higher rate of success in waitlisting than before. Recently, it has been reported that the waitlist is now checked in real-time; that is, when a reservation is cancelled, the waitlist is immediately checked to see if there are any matches.

DVC Waitlist
DVC Waitlist


There is no guarantee, of course, that your wait list request will become available.

The odds of your waitlist being confirmed depends on many things – such as:

  • the resort
  • the room type
  • the number of nights you are wait listing
  • how far in advance you waitlist

A reminder of some of the rules surrounding waitlisting:

How to waitlist a DVC reservation
How to waitlist a DVC reservation (click for larger image)