Why are Copper Creek Dues So High?

When the cost, points chart, and annual dues for Copper Creek Villas & Cabins were released on March 1st, many people were surprised by how high the annual dues are. Copper Creek annual dues are $7.3296 per point, making it’s dues higher than all other DVC resorts – except for Vero Beach.

Let’s breakdown the annual dues into the various components and compare them to all the other DVC resorts. The definition of the various components is available here.

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Here is a high-level summary of the 2017 dues:

2017 DVC Resort Budget Comparison: Dues Breakdown
2017 DVC Resort Budget Comparison: Dues Breakdown

As you can see, Copper Creek Villas (CCV) has the highest taxes per point of all the other resorts. This seems to be the main reason why the Copper Creek dues are so high. This is an estimated figure, so if actual taxes are less, owners at CCV can expect a refund to be applied to next year’s dues.

The operating budget seems in line with the other resorts. You would expect the costs to be not too different than Boulder Ridge Villas, and they are pretty close.

2017 DVC Resort Budget Comparison: Costs
2017 DVC Resort Budget Comparison: Costs

Here is a graphical breakdown of the operating costs for Copper Creek. The main items are housekeeping, administration & front desk, and transportation.

DVC 2017 Resort Budget for CCV: Operating Costs
DVC 2017 Resort Budget for CCV: Operating Costs

Looking at the capital reserves budget, Copper Creek has the highest figure at Walt Disney World. It is surpassed only by Vero Beach (VB) and Hilton Head Island (HHI). Why is this?

2017 DVC Resort Budget Comparison: Capital
2017 DVC Resort Budget Comparison: Capital

Finally, looking at the revenue portion of the budget, Copper Creek looks to be in line with other resorts.

2017 DVC Resort Budget Comparison: Revenue
2017 DVC Resort Budget Comparison: Revenue

So, in summary, the reasons the annual dues for Copper Creek are so high are taxes and capital reserves.

The DVC resort budget for Copper Creek Villas & Cabins is broken down here. All the resort budgets (including history for the past several years) is available here.

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9 thoughts on “Why are Copper Creek Dues So High?”

  1. I’ve been a dvc member since the Villas at Wilderness lodge 1st were offered, makes no sense why dues/taxes are so high.the chart shows housekeeping is the largest expense which I don’t understand,when someone is using a room housekeeping only comes a few times a week or member can pay extra to have them come more often. I feel you should charge a more for the room to non-members

  2. We added on at Copper Creek and our agent told us that changes were coming with housekeeping (ex more frequent) and this was the reason for higher dues.

    1. The housekeeping cost at CCV is a bit higher than the other resorts at WDW. I have not heard about any changes to the frequency of housekeeping.

  3. Would it be correct to say the higher dues are paying for the increased property value due to the fancy improvements and some savings for future capital investment (capital reserve)?

    1. Possibly, you may be right. But why would a brand new resort need to put aside such a high amount for future capital improvements? The Polynesian is a similar build out with older buildings and bungalows, yet its capital reserves budget is lower per unit ($2,260,507 for 332 units at PVB versus $1,183,182 for 48 units at CCV). By fancy improvements, are you referring to the Boulder Ridge Cove pool? That isn’t part of Copper Creek, but CCV guests get to use it under a revised Common Facilities Agreement. It will be interesting to see the Orange County Property Appraiser’s Office determine the actual assessment for CCV.

      1. I don’t know what capital improvements would be needed either. Yes, by fancy improvements I mean upgrades to rooms and the Geyser Point Bar, which is very nice by the way. Thanks for mentioning the new Pool. I was curious if both CCV members and BRV members had access to the pool. It appears that they do.

        1. GPB shouldn’t be a cost to DVC members. It should be a stand alone income producing establishment that serves all guests

  4. if one likes WL in general, is it smarter to buy points in the older Boulder Ridge resort?

    1. Boulder Ridge is a less expensive buy-in (especially resale) and the dues are lower (presently). However, Boulder Ridge only has 25 years left on the contracts while Copper Creek offers 50. Copper Creek also offers 3-bedroom Grand Villas and the waterside cabins, while Boulder Ridge offers neither. The villa rooms ar Copper Creek are in the main Lodge, while Boulder Ridge is further away.

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