Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting

Membership Magic Ever After

The annual Disney Vacation Club 2016 condominium association meeting took place, and I was in attendance as usual.

The DVC staff was kind enough to let me enter the conference room early, which was nice. They also let me follow the DVC staff through the same backstage route that they use to go to the large room used for member discussions after the annual meeting is over. We passed through the backstage production area, and it was much more elaborate than I had imagined. Of course, I was asked not to take any photos.

DVC Condominium Association Meeting Recap

Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting
Crowd in attendance

The key theme was that the “membership magic” introduced in 2016 for the twenty-fifth anniversary would continue – ever after. This includes the member lounge at Epcot as well as the special events. They did say they want to announce the special in-park events farther in advance than they did in 2016.

Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting
The Stage

They highlighted four areas of “membership magic”.

Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting
Membership Magic

The 2017 budgets were approved and the 2017 annual dues were discussed.

Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting
Ken Potrock and the Treasurer

They made a special effort to call out the Hurricane Matthew damage to Hilton Head Island resort (it was closed for 3 weeks). They also highlighted all the refurbishments that took place in 2016 (where 7 DVC resorts had refurbishments). Only Old Key West will be refurbished in 2017.

Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting
Hurricane damage
Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting
Annual dues for WDW properties
Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting
Dues for west coast and beach properties

They did show a computer-generated flyover of Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at the Wilderness Lodge. The audience was asked not to take pictures of the video, so none are included here. However, they did say the cabins will sleep 8 people. Sales dates will be announced soon.

Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting
Copper Creek Villas and Cabins

After the meeting, everyone left the meeting room to head to the reception room where refreshments and discussions were held.

Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting
Refreshments and discussions afterward

Since I went the backstage route, I was in this room for the reception prior to the general membership being allowed in, and I used the time for a discussion with Ken Potrock, SVP and General Manager of DVC.

When the public was admitted, I used the time to have conversations with DVC personnel, and of course, I had my photo taken with Mickey and Minnie.

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4 thoughts on “Dec 8 2016 DVC Annual Meeting”

  1. Mike, I missed this update since I was on the Fantasy at the time. I would love your gut feel about the meeting and DVC direction and what changes may be coming? Also, what are others thoughts about the Poly Dues already being so high and it a new resort.

    1. There wasn’t much to be excited about, but nothing to worry about either. The news for 2017 is the sales will begin for Copper Creek Villas and the new resort will open in 2017. The only refurb scheduled in 2017 will be OKW. Ken Potrock mentioned how much he liked the new lighter look and feel of last year’s 7 refurbishments.

      Regarding the annual dues at the Polynesian Villas, the 2017 operating costs actually went down by 0.75% from 2016. PVB dues only increased by 0.69%, and that was due to an increase in property taxes. So, PVB just started higher than other recent new resorts.

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