Children’s Activity Centers Closing at DVC Resorts

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DVCinfo has confirmed with Disney sources that Children’s Activity Centers located at Walt Disney World DVC resorts will be closing for good effective July 31, 2018:

Children’s Activity Centers provide secure, supervised childcare for children ages 3 to 12.  Children can enjoy arts, crafts, movies, toys, video games, and board games.  Dinner, snacks, and themed activities are also provided.

According to Disney, the service is not being utilized enough to maintain it , and they are “seeking other ways to offer other services to children under 12.”  In-room Childcare Services is still available, provided by Kid’s Night Out.  DVC Community Halls will still be available at DVC resorts as well.

Have you ever used this service? Will you miss the availability of this offering?

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  1. I did not even know this service was available. We are always keeps my a lookout for hotels that offer this service. How old does the child have to be to utilize this service?

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