Disney World & Disneyland Ticket & Annual Pass Price Increase

DVC Resale Price Analysis

Disney has updated Disney World and Disneyland Ticket and Annual Pass Prices for 2018 as of today.

Walt Disney World

Annual Passes

Standard Platinum and Platinum Plus Annual Passes increased 9% across the board.  DVC Annual Passes increased 7% on average, ranging from 5% (Gold Annual Pass)-8% (Platinum Plus Annual Pass).  Water Park Annual Passes increased 4%.

DiscountAnnual Pass2018 Price2019 PriceIncrease
NonePlatinum - New$779$8499%
NonePlatinum - Renewal$662$7219%
NonePlatinum Plus - New$869$9499%
NonePlatinum Plus - Renewal$738$8059%
DVC/Florida ResidentGold - New$559$5895%
DVC/Florida ResidentGold - Renewal$475$5005%
DVC/Florida ResidentPlatinum - New$679$7297%
DVC/Florida ResidentPlatinum - Renewal$577$6197%
DVC/Florida ResidentPlatinum Plus - New$769$8298%
DVC/Florida ResidentPlatinum Plus - Renewal$653$7048%
Single-Day Tickets

1-day Magic Kingdom Base Tickets increased an average of 3%, ranging from 2% (Value)-4% (Regular/Peak Season).  1-Day Epcot/DHS/DAK tickets increased an average of 4%, ranging from 3% (Value/Peak Season)-7% (Regular Season).  Park Hopper option remained the same for 1-Day tickets during Value and Regular periods and increased during Peak period.

Ticket2018 Price2019 PriceIncrease
1-Day Magic Kingdom Value$107$1092%
1-Day Magic Kingdom Regular$115$1193%
1-Day Magic Kingdom Peak$124$1294%
1-Day Epcot/DHS/DAK Value$99$1023%
1-Day Epcot/DHS/DAK Regular$107$1147%
1-Day Epcot/DHS/DAK Peak$119$1223%
Multi-Day Tickets

Multi-day Tickets increased an average of 4%, ranging from 1% (for 7-10 day tickets) to 9% (4-day tickets).  Park Hopper option remained the same for 4-10 Day tickets and increased for 2-3 Day tickets.

Ticket2018 Price2019 PriceIncrease

See our Walt Disney World Annual Tickets & Passes spreadsheet for all  Annual Pass, Ticket, and Option prices.


Annual Passes

Disneyland Annual Passes increased an average of 15%, ranging from 9% (Southern California Select Annual Pass and Premier Annual Pass, which is valid for Disneyland and Disney World) to 18% (all other Annual Passes):

Annual Pass2018 Price2019 Price Increase
Southern California Select Annual Pass$339$3699%
Southern California Annual Pass$469$54917%
Deluxe Annual Pass$619$72918%
Signature Annual Pass$849$99918%
Signature Plus Annual Pass$1,049$1,1499%
Premier Annual Pass$1,439$1,5799%

Single and Multi-Day Tickets

Disneyland 1-Day tickets increased an average of 5%, ranging from 0% (1-Day 1-Park Value Season) to 9% (1-Day 1-Park Peak Season).  Multi-day tickets increased an average of 5%, ranging from 4% (3-Day 1-Park Ticket) to 6% (2-Day 1-Park Ticket):

Ticket2018 Price2019 PriceIncrease
1-Day 1-Park Ticket Value Season$97$970%
1-Day 1-Park Ticket Regular Season$110$1176%
1-Day 1-Park Ticket Peak Season$124$1359%
2-Day 1-Park Ticket$199$2106%
3-Day 1-Park Ticket$270$2804%
4-Day 1-Park Ticket$290$3055%
5-Day 1-Park Ticket$305$3205%

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