Does seasonal tiered ticket pricing make sense?

Tiered Pricing

Disney will be rolling out demand-based tiered pricing, where tickets would cost less on slower days and cost extra on dates when there tend to be too many people. Adjusting prices due to demand is common at hotels and airlines.


This strategy could help the Disney parks attract more visitors during slow days and prevent overcrowding during busier ones.

The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman said last year that the company must “look at ways to spread out our attendance throughout the year” to “accommodate demand and avoid bursting at the seams.”

The tiered pricing system should help flatten out visitor attendance, and help distribute crowds more evenly throughout the year. Disney’s goal with tiered pricing is to keep the parks full but not jam-packed.

Such a strategy also opens up the market to more price-sensitive consumers on the lower end. On the other hand, some people will see this move as favoring those with more disposable income, as they can afford the flexibility of visiting Disney whenever they want, whereas lower-income consumers could be restricted to less convenient times.

Universal Studios Hollywood became the first major U.S. theme park to embrace demand-based pricing earlier this month, and Disney has tiered pricing at it’s non-US parks, such as Shanghai Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

What of you think of tiered-pricing for Disney theme park tickets?

4 thoughts on “Does seasonal tiered ticket pricing make sense?”

  1. I really don’t like the tiered pricing! We like to go to Disney when the crowds are too bad. This could cause the parks to be busy at all times.

  2. Absolutely sucks I buy my tickets from the military sometimes 8 or 9 months in advance how’s that going to work because I like the flexibility of the dates

  3. Most families go on school breaks. With airlines and hotel costs going up that will be challenging for many families to pay higher prices during the schools out seasons… to Disney

  4. It doesn’t really matter to me. Just 1 day tickets are tiered pricing and I would never purchase a 1 day ticket. Inflation is a part of life.

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