DVC 25th Anniversary Surprises

At the December 10, 2015 DVC Annual Meeting, Ken Potrock (the Senior Vice President and General Manager  of the Disney Vacation Club) told the audience that surprises will be in store for members during the 25th anniversary of DVC. He said we’d begin to learn more online starting January 4th.

DVC Surprises coming Jan 4
DVC Surprises coming Jan 4

Well, we are starting to see what sort of new experiences may be in store for members in 2016.

The DVCMember web site has a printable version of member perks, and the Walt Disney World one mentions “Disney Vacation Club 25 and Beyond Bash with an exclusive, after-hours event at the Magic Kingdom”.

25 and Beyond Bash
25 and Beyond Bash

Expected surprises include:

  • Disney Vacation Club 25 and Beyond Bash: An exclusive after-hours event at the Magic Kingdom Park. The first dates are rumored for late February and early March with reservations opening in mid-January.
  • Disney Vacation Club Neighborhood Beach Bash: After-hours access to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park where they can experience exclusive access to attractions and beach party entertainment. Reservations open in April 8 with dates in June and July.
  • Disney Vacation Club Safari Spectacular: Go wild with fellow members during this exclusive event at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. When the sun goes down, members and their guests will revel in an after dark look at some of the park’s star inhabitants enjoy access to select attractions. Dates in September with reservations opening in July.
  • Member Lounge in Epcot: Coming this spring, a new member lounge in Future World at Epcot.

We’ll see what other things pop up on the member web site starting January 4th. Shortly thereafter, members should receive something in the mail from DVC with details about all the 25th anniversary events – along with their new DVC membership card.