Does DVC listen to it’s members?

I’m very glad I’m a member of the Disney Vacation Club, and I’m generally a happy member satisfied with the program. I’ve enjoyed many wonderful vacations. However, I’ve had a few negative experiences that prompted me to reach out to DVC.

From my experience, I’ve always been thanked for providing my feedback and told that the issue or suggestion would be looked into (you know, the standard response any customer service group starts with), but then… nothing. It leaves me wondering if my issue or suggestion ever goes anywhere and whether it receives any serious consideration.

Yet, on the other hand, when DVC makes an announcement of a change, it invariably prefaces it by saying the change is “in response to member feedback”, and sometimes I’m scratching my head thinking, huh? Did members really ask for this?

I’m not talking about a problem during a stay such as a dirty room or what not, as Disney usually responds well to those types of issues if you bring them to their attention during your stay. I’m talking about issues or suggestions that can’t be handled by a line manager, but someone higher up the food chain. I never hear back from anyone, outside of a standard form letter thanking me for contacting them.

The same thing seems to occur at the annual DVC member meeting. A member brings up an issue or suggestion, and the majority of them seem to get a “thank you” response, but little action. I know, as I’ve been to every annual meeting from 2007 onward.

I just experienced this at last month’s annual DVC member meeting. Some of you may know that I was doing some research into the history of the Disney Vacation Club. At the annual meeting, I had the opportunity to speak with Ken Potrock, Senior Vice President and General Manager of DVC, about this. I asked Ken about obtaining some photographs from the early days of DVC, and he agreed to do so, saying he’d put me in touch with a particular individual.

Well, that individual never contacted me, nor did Ken.

All I got was this email from DVC:

“Thank you for your interest in DISNEY VACATION CLUB history. The WALT DISNEY COMPANY® unfortunately isn’t able to share photo assets or individually support the large number of research requests it receives. We thank you again for your interest in DISNEY VACATION CLUB history, and we look forward to welcoming you home again soon.”

So disappointing. It’s just like all the other email responses I get.

If you’ve contacted DVC, either over the phone or using [email protected] or [email protected], do you feel your issue or suggestion was actually listened to?

Do you think DVC listens to its members?

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What was the best DVC news of 2015? The Worst?

HappyLooking back on the year 2015, what were the highlights for you – from a DVC perspective? What event or announcement, if any, made you happy? Conversely, did anything happen that disappointed or even upset you?  Or, was 2015 a year where not much happened of interest to DVC members?

Looking through the history of DVC, there were some years where a lot of changes were made, and others when nothing happened. How would you rate 2015 – from a DVC perspective?

In case you’ve forgotten, 2015 saw:

  • The grand opening of the Polynesian Villas and Bungalows
  • A revamping of the member web site
  • The announcement of a DVC expansion at the Wilderness Lodge
  • Changes to the Annual Passes and prices
  • Announcement of new categories at Saratoga Springs in 2017
  • Villas at the Grand Floridian selling out

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Celebrating 25 years and beyond

DVC 25 Years and beyond

DVC 25th anniversary – This morning, the Disney Vacation Club unveiled their plans for special events and discounts to celebrate the 25th anniversary of DVC.

Details are available at and


DVC 25th Anniversary Surprises

At the December 10, 2015 DVC Annual Meeting, Ken Potrock (the Senior Vice President and General Manager  of the Disney Vacation Club) told the audience that surprises will be in store for members during the 25th anniversary of DVC. He said we’d begin to learn more online starting January 4th.

DVC Surprises coming Jan 4
DVC Surprises coming Jan 4

Well, we are starting to see what sort of new experiences may be in store for members in 2016.

The DVCMember web site has a printable version of member perks, and the Walt Disney World one mentions “Disney Vacation Club 25 and Beyond Bash with an exclusive, after-hours event at the Magic Kingdom”.

25 and Beyond Bash
25 and Beyond Bash

Expected surprises include:

  • Disney Vacation Club 25 and Beyond Bash: An exclusive after-hours event at the Magic Kingdom Park. The first dates are rumored for late February and early March with reservations opening in mid-January.
  • Disney Vacation Club Neighborhood Beach Bash: After-hours access to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park where they can experience exclusive access to attractions and beach party entertainment. Reservations open in April 8 with dates in June and July.
  • Disney Vacation Club Safari Spectacular: Go wild with fellow members during this exclusive event at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. When the sun goes down, members and their guests will revel in an after dark look at some of the park’s star inhabitants enjoy access to select attractions. Dates in September with reservations opening in July.
  • Member Lounge in Epcot: Coming this spring, a new member lounge in Future World at Epcot.

We’ll see what other things pop up on the member web site starting January 4th. Shortly thereafter, members should receive something in the mail from DVC with details about all the 25th anniversary events – along with their new DVC membership card.