Polynesian “Close to Sold Out”

In August, DVCinfo exclusively reported that two Use Years at Polynesian were close to selling out of inventory:

Two Use Years Selling Out Imminently

Prior to this latest Declaration, only one previously declared unit had no deeds recorded against it, bringing the total unsold units to 6 with this Declaration.  Since each unit only corresponds to one Use Year, and there are 8 Use Years, this means 2 Use Years will become unavailable once the units currently being sold are exhausted, which could happen imminently.  There is no way to tell which Use Years will become unavailable, since the Use Year assigned to the remaining 6 units will not be known until deeds start being recorded against them.

We can now confirm DVC Guides are telling people that June and August Use Years are sold out and that “Polynesian in general is getting close to sold out”.  September Use Year is also very close to selling out, although one unassigned Residential Unit remains which could be assigned to September to keep it from selling out.  Although we previously reported that Polynesian would be completely sold out by December at the then current rate, sales of Polynesian have slowed considerably, so some inventory will continue to be available into next year as a result.  DVC has stopped promoting Polynesian incentives, although they are still available through January.

Special thanks to Wil (DVCinfo Community Member @wdrl2) for info on remaining Use Years.

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