What was the best DVC news of 2015? The Worst?

HappyLooking back on the year 2015, what were the highlights for you – from a DVC perspective? What event or announcement, if any, made you happy? Conversely, did anything happen that disappointed or even upset you?  Or, was 2015 a year where not much happened of interest to DVC members?

Looking through the history of DVC, there were some years where a lot of changes were made, and others when nothing happened. How would you rate 2015 – from a DVC perspective?

In case you’ve forgotten, 2015 saw:

  • The grand opening of the Polynesian Villas and Bungalows
  • A revamping of the member web site
  • The announcement of a DVC expansion at the Wilderness Lodge
  • Changes to the Annual Passes and prices
  • Announcement of new categories at Saratoga Springs in 2017
  • Villas at the Grand Floridian selling out

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2 thoughts on “What was the best DVC news of 2015? The Worst?”

  1. I was a first timer in 2015, I must say I was disappointed in the comfort of the open up couch. I wish there would be studios available with two beds, even if there were 2 doubles. For 2 adults and one child, being Mother, Grandmother & child, something like that would be nicer!!
    I did love the visit though!!!

  2. On the flip side Donna, I’d like to see OKW offer studios with just a king. This would leave plenty of space for a nice sitting area.

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